15th December 2017

The GYIT PROJECT recently published the Irish IT Careeer Guidance Pack which aims to guide students on their pathway to a career in IT. To promote this resource with participating schools, 100 students together with their IT teachers were invited to Monaghan Institute on Monday 27th November for a GYIT TECH DAY, a day designed to be one of techical insight and innovation.  

Colin Guilfoyle, entrepreneur and CEO of Nebula Interactive, a digital design and development studio in Drogheda kicked off the day enthusing students with his own journey and experiences in the IT industry and also showcased some of his company’s  creations.  Rynagh McNally, Deptuy Director of Monaghan Institute, further promoted an IT career with students but advised that making the correct career guidance decision is paramount .

Students were given the opportunity to visit the ALPHA & BETA classroooms at the Institute where the Level 5 Computer Games Design & Programming and the  Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Software Innovation & Design students together with their tutors led demonstrations on their current gaming and software development projects.

Afterwards during Innovation Time, student broke off into smaller groups and took part in a MINI-HACKATHON style competition and in other fun quizzes where they could win technology for their schools.  The winning teams won some great technical equipment such as a Drone, VR Headsets and Robots. Congratulations to all the schools for their participation at the TECH EVENT but also for their participation with the GYIT initiative. 




30th November 2017

The final Get Youth into IT (GYIT) project partners meeting organized in Dublin, Ireland on 28th of November, 2017 was followed by the Multiplier events in Dublin City and Monaghan, Ireland. During the meeting the all activities carried out in the timeline of the project were revized and discussed. Project partners were happy having such a honorable opportunity to be a part of the project and take a part into creation of the project products which, we all believe, wil be very useful for children. During the next few weeks, partners will finish the activities related with the project outputs and final report. 

18th September 2017

Get Youth into IT (GYIT) project partners meeting organized in Kaunas, Lithuania on 18-19 of September, 2017. The partners had a very intensive and fruitful discussions about outcomes and further steps of the project as follows:

Intellectual Outputs:

  • The GYIT Carrer Guidance Pack was agreed. 

Piloting process:

  • The method of piloting of Follow on Pack and Carrer Guidance Pack were disscussed and agreed.

Work Plan September 2017 – December 2017:

  • Work plan revised and agreed.


11th September 2017

If you completed some of our GYIT IT Taster Courses, you may have discovered you have a flare for programming? Or maybe you found animation fascinating? Perhaps you enjoyed robotics and want to learn more? Whichever subject you liked, our ‘Follow on Pack’ will help you to continue to grow your skills. It includes a list of open source resources on each IT topic that you can you can access free of charge in school or at home to improve your existing knowledge or learn a completely new skill! The resources come in different formats such websites, apps, courses, games etc. 


Browse the Follow On Pack on our Resources page. (It is available to download in powerpoint and pdf formats)



24th July 2017

Emma Beatty from FIT has prepared an article for the National Centre for Guidance in Education’s summer magazine. The article presents the GYIT project and describes the way how it can help to attract more children to choose IT Career. 

The article can be found on here.

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