12th September 2016

Career Guidance counselors in ETB schools in Monaghan and Cavan are planning a Careers Event in November and GYIT leaflets will be available. 


Many exhibitors will be present from a range of colleges within Ireland and England. All CMETB students are invited to attend which includes 11 Secondary Schools, 6 Youthreach Centres, Community Training and Local Training Initiatives.



5th September 2016

GYIT project was presented during the market for children of Z generation on 4th of September in Kaunas.

The aim of the market is to bring all informal and non-formal education providers under one roof and provide and opportunity to present themselves to potentional students as well as get known to each other and bring up a discussion about future informal education activities.

4th August 2016

GYIT project was presented during the ALTA'2016 (Advanced Learning Technologies) Conference on 19th of May in Kaunas.

ALTA'16 Conference brings up together educators, practioners, teachers and researchers to discuss about emergent learning technologies, methods and techniques. This year, one of the main topics of the Conference was encouraging new competences and skills for teachers and students. The participants of the Conference discussed about new ways to involve the students and teachers to gain the marked oriented skills and competences. 

GYIT project was presented to the wide community of teachers and educators. 

1st August 2016


Following a very productive partner meeting in London (June, 2016), the content for the IT Taster Course has been chosen. Tecnalia presented the research report they had produced, part of which detailed some of the most currently in demand IT skills in Europe. This, along with FIT's IT Skills Audit helped the Consortium to choose subjects we felt would be the most useful and interesting to the young people who will eventually complete the IT Taster Course. The modules are as follows:

  1. Introduction to IT (compulsory subject)
  2. Fundamentals of programming (compulsory subject)
  3. Web development
  4. Mobile apps
  5. Computer network fundamentals
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Future of IT
  8. Gaming and animation
  9. Robotics

We are currently in the process of producing these modules and they will be available on the website once completed. In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries about the project, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Beatty (Project Coordinator) at emmabeatty@fit.ie.


19th July 2016

Carol Finlay from FIT Ltd attended the National Forum on Guidance on 25th May in Dublin.

National Forum on Guidance brings together practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers involved in guidance in Ireland, to discuss issues of relevance to and for guidance and subsequently support co-operation and collaboration of the various providers across the lifelong guidance spectrum.

Carol distributed the GYIT information leaflet to large number of people and organisations involved in the education secondary schools students.

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